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Acting Teacher and Private Coach to Actors of All Ages

Good things are happening-I will be shooting a SAG feature this Spring and won't be teaching at CnC, but I will be continuing my quite successful (See Blog) individual coaching and scene work. 2 of my private acting students have gotten parts in stage plays, 1 has a new TV series in itís final stages of production (A program in which I am also Associate Producer) and another student has landed a Contract role on a L.A/ series. Due to the success of my teaching, Iíve also adjusted my rates of payment to make it more available to a greater number of acting students, please contact me for details at 718-768-6452 or Visit my Blog here to see actor's feedback from my last class.

If you are serious in pursuing a career as a performer-or dying to find out if you have what it takes, now is the time to go for it!

Larkin is private coach to many rising young stars and has studied with some of the finest teachers in the world as well as being one of the most successful actors of his generation (see Bio below).

After teaching classes for a number of years, I will now also be focusing on what actors tell me they are looking for most-working one on one as a private coach and "Actor's Diagnostician". Dancers, musicians, all other other Performing Artists continue to train throughout their careers and actors should be no different if they hope to achieve success.

As Performance Consultant at CBS my job was to get actors (some of whom had been hired largely on the basis of their looks) to feel confident that they could hold their own and perform at a professional level in front of millions of people every day. I have sat in on hundreds of auditions and screen tests and know what casting directors and agents are looking for from the actor; largely through lack of confidence I've seen how actors have sabotaged themselves through fear of taking risks and making strong choices - this can make all the difference between getting the job and hearing "NEXT!" This aspect of our craft is rarely, if ever, worked on in acting classes or with coaches.

Open slots are available for private coaching at my Park Slope, Brooklyn studio (20 minutes from Times Square), or in a Midtown studio.

If the performer wishes to focus on "audition technique", I provide a scene from a script, the actor has a chance to read it over and then we work on it together. the actor will learn to:

• Prepare creatively for the audition
• Explore the creation of a compelling character in a few pages of script
• Learn the "dos" and "don'ts" of the screen test
• Turn a "cold reading" into a "HOT" one
• Make bold choices in preparation.
• Build confidence so that every audition is consistently the best it can be

Or, if the actor has a monologue or a scene for auditioning purposes, we can work to make it the best it can be. This process creates the actual real-world situation actors face when they have been called in to see a casting director for Film or TV and when interviewing with an agent. The difference, of course, is that instead of hearing "Thanks for coming in today, goodbye" from the Casting Director, we work together to determine how the reading would be perceived and what we need to work on to make it truly stand out.

If the actor is looking to achieve success in TV Episodics, we work on the art of creating and maintaining a character in the ongoing process of defining and mastering the craft. The actor will learn how to bring the skills they have learned to the highly artificial and technical world of working before the camera.

For the beginning actor, we work to establish the basics of character development, gaining confidence, analyzing a script and developing technique. In all modesty, I am really good at this and my background is unique in that I have been successful in many areas in this business for thirty years. My fee for each session is still the same $75 I've charged for the last 15 years (my accountant thinks I'm an idiot), but I love working with actors and I know many actors don't have much cash. I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any further questions, contact me here.

Larkin's Bio:
After directing at NBC-TV's "Another World" Larkin became the on-site acting coach at CBS-TV's "As the World Turns" for 7 years. Nine of his actors at "ATWT" were nominated for Best Acting Emmys during this time. The Executive Producer trusted him to work with the actors on the show from the time they got the scripts, through rehearsals up to taping while watching from the control room and consulting with the director and working individually with the actor. This job required quickly determining what can help an actor tell the story and how best to get that performance. He taught the on-camera acting class at the Weist-Barron School, is on the faculty of The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts as well as teaching the Intermediate and Master Acting classes during the inaugural year at Greystone Studios.

He has been selected to study with some of with the most renowned teachers in the world including Anatoly Efros at Moscow's Tangaka Theatre (Stanislavsky Method),Wynn Handman's Master Acting Program, Ron Daniels of the Royal Shakespeare Company, John Stix (Meisner), Gene Lasko, etc.

Larkin started working as a professional actor in 1974 on the New York stage where he was a founding member of the off-off-Broadway company ATA. After playing starring roles at the Arena Stage in Washington, the Goodman Theater in Chicago, he did a season of classics at the famed Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Returning to New York, he played at the Manhattan Theater Club, while his day job was creating the role of Sky Whitney on ABC's "Edge of Night", a role that earned him an Emmy nomination as "Outstanding Actor". Four years later, as "Edge" was winding down, he was asked to join the cast of CBS's "Guiding Light" to create the role of Kyle Sampson working opposite multi Emmy winning actress Kim Zimmer (playing Sky during the day and Kyle in the evening). Two years later, he came to star opposite Susan Lucci on ABC's "All My Children" where he played the role for which he is best known, Travis Montgomery. After a year as Clay on ABC's "Loving", he returned to his first love, the stage, working in regional theater across the US, returning to reprise Travis from time to time as well as teaching acting and coaching actors privately. He has appeared on network episodic series and feature films, narrated for "National Geographic" TV, is the announcer at "As the World Turns" and can be seen and heard in many commercial TV and radio spots.